Marc Riedmann. 25. Moos, Bodensee. 12 years of skateboarding.

Crazyleg. Screwed hardware.

Marc is the brain and the founder of CRAZYLEG. Most people would call him a 'rad dude'. He likes upsidedown crosses, poolblock-coping, chipmunks, grilled meat, mustaches and hard slams to finish a good skatesession. He hates hippies, plain transitions, crowds, fashion, olives and people skating with care. Don't try to discuss with him, you will always loose, maybe cry as well and finally agree with him. Always telling what he thinks. He shreds the shit out of each tranny. And if there isn't any, he will build one! As a founder of MAD MAX CONSTRUCTIONS he always knows how to turn trash, dirt and a little bit concrete into something he can skate ...but you can't. If he is not skateboarding he usually does BBQ with family and friends and moans about his hard slams...